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19. března 2009 v 12:08 | Sagasis
Exclusive interview for CBoe-t!!


CBoe-t - Many people know you , but not everyone yet. Do you want to tell us who DNR is?
Kira: A band that decided to devote to music! 5 different personalities that converge into a single soul.

CBoe-t - How did you first approach music?
Kira: Personally when I was a child I found my vent-hole into music, and for others it was the same!

CBoe-t - You defined yourself the first Italian Visual Band, willing to mix "East" and "West".. How do you join eastern melody and western groove?
Kira: The love for Visual Kei and Jrock of Sieg (Guitar) Kira (Bass) De Lord (Piano-Synth) helps us write strong melodies with oriental influences, Ash (Drums) who has an Hard Rock American style back-ground, and Mantis (Singer) who is coming from Love Metal, close the circle with Groove and recalls to Western Rock

CBoe-t - We know you are interested in J-Rock... what are your favourite bands and what gives you inspiration?
Kira: GazettE, Alice Nine, diru, X Japan, Malice Mizer, Ancafè, L'arc en ciel, Kagrra, Gackt, DespairsRay 12012, etc ... the list is endless!

CBoe-t - What is the difference between DNR on stage and DNR in real life? Whta does Visual Kei mean in your own life?
Kira: Of course we don't go shopping all dressed up ... but we can say for sure that we don't go unnoticed!

CBoe-t - Do you write your lyrics by yourselves? What are they about?
Kira: About everything that surrounds us, the desire to dream, to love, to live ... we have no limits in contents.

CBoe-t - English only or you'll try the Italian language?
Kira: If there is a good inspiration we'll try the Italian and we shall not rule out a song in Japanese.

CBoe-t - Lately you have been around Italy with a few concerts ... were you pleased with the audience?
Kira: Yes, we were really given so much, and we hope to come back on stage soon!

CBoe-t - How did people welcome you?
Kira: It's beautiful to see people singing the refrains of our songs! We sometimes happen to receive compliments from people who are not even fond of the genre, but still, they appreciate the music.

CBoe-t - Do you want continue with the tour in Italy, in the South for example?
Kira: We hope, we would be pleased!

CBoe-t - What do you think about downloading music illegally from the Internet?
Kira: Music needs to be supported, even if we realize that the cost of the CD are an exaggeration! I have downloaded illegally Visual Evolution of DNR ^^!!!!

CBoe-t - Do you have partnerships that want you to achieve? If so, with whom?
Kira: This is a surprise ...^^!

CBoe-t - We know that you follow Cinema Bizarre... How and when did you get to know them? what is your opinion about them?
Kira: Great band, very interesting, but it is a false myth that we know them, maybe one day it will happen ^ ^!

CBoe-t - And about their music?
Kira: Great Sound.

CBoe-t - Do you think that their success might, somehow, open the doors to other European Visual Bands?
Kira: In some sense it's already happening now!

CBoe-t - Did you ever get inspiration from them and from their music?
Kira: We've been existing longern than them, so it's not possible for time reasons, but we would like a collaboration in the future!

CBoe-t - According to CB fans you would be perfect to open their concerts.. Do you think that will ever happen?
Kira: We hope! it would really be a beautiful experience!

CBoe-t - A message for the CBoe-t:
Kira: We hope to meet you all at our shows, to thank you personally for your love! Everything makes sense because of you... really thank you!

Special thanks to DNR, that are simply unic and in particular to Kira for the accessibility and kindness! ^^

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