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Rock Pleasure interview with DNR

19. března 2009 v 12:12 | Sagasis

We proudly present our
email-interview with the first Italian Visual band DNR. For those who don't know them: please continue reading and convince yourself that Visual bands don't always belong to Japan.
For those who do know them: you are also allowed to continue reading ;-)

.. ..
RP: Hey guys, at first we would like to thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! It's a pleasure for us interview such an auspicious and interesting band. And we are also looking forward to present this to our readers…so here are our questions:

It would be a nice opening
for our interview if you could introduce your band to our readers! For example: how long does your band exist, where and how did you meet each other?

Mantis: The band exists since 2005 but I joined the lineup in 2007, I saw an advisement on internet and then I contacted Ash. Only two days later I realized that I already knew him. The first meeting was in a decadent, abusive studio. Was cool!
RP: Afterwards please describe yourself or each other, it would be best to do it with 3 attributes,
which are representing the personality...

Kira: polite, honest, true J-lover!
Sieg: quite, mature, the good guy!
Delord: I pass!! Joker card for me... next one?!?
Ash: accurate, organized, always on time.....
Me: always late, forgetful, approssimative!
RP: Why have you chosen this name for your band? What has convinced you that this is the right choice?

Mantis: As I like to say, we live in the side of this world where we can be what we are. Our politic is made by feelings, lyrics, melodies, truth and in our church the only cross that you can see is the one made on the calendar that eliminate the days before the shows. So, "Do not reanimate" us from this sweet torpor... right choice or not, we feel this name and his meaning part of us.....

RP: The influence of Visual Kei and J-rock is unmistakeable, but what is exactly representing YOUR band? What is the thing that makes you stick out of all the other bands?

Mantis: Well, what we do in music is like a cocktail.
Take 5 different musicians with opposite style, mix glam, J-rock, Visual kei, Love metal, Goth, electro, jazz and fashion, in the right way with a good balance. Than go on stage to do more than play: throw roses, chocolate, play with lights and people. We wanna
share feelings, for all of your 5 senses...
We want you to feel our music deeply, it..s not
about hearing only...

RP: Which bands or musicians did inspire you?

Mantis: Different styles, for example: X Japan, Motley Crue, HIM, Metallica, Alice Nine, Phantasmagoria, NIN, Muse, Miles David, Beatles, 30 second to mars... too many!

RP: In a previous interview you said that you are planning to release your album in May 2009. Will it be available in Germany
as well? Do you have concrete plans to conquer the German music market, maybe also with some live gigs?

Mantis: Hell Yeah!! We promise you to be in .Germany very soon! Our manager, Harris Ghouse is German and our label will release the album all over Europe. No way to miss your country!!

RP: What is the most positive and negative thing you associate with music business?

Mantis: Well, as you can image we follow our dreams, play music is what we wanna do, meet people, see places, live together, be artist... but there is no time for family, relationship and old friends. Sometime
is hard, but we chose the right way. Music can't cheat you, music can't hurt you and music never forgets about you. That's because the music is the only love of my life.....

RP: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Mantis: 'cause our drummer... I guess in jail but I hope on stage...!!!....

RP: How would you convince someone who doesn't know your music with 3 words?

Mantis: "CLATUUU' VERATAAAA NIKTOOO!!" ... and something will happen, I swear!!

RP: We assume that you really love to stand on stage ;-) - but what is the most embarrassing or funniest incident that happened during your gigs?

Mantis: uuhhmmm...No doubt...We were in Milan I went out of our dress room to the stage before the show to see how many people were there but... I was almost naked, shaving my face... and there was the opening band performing....yet!

RP: Do you have any other jobs besides music?

Mantis: No time for anything else than Music...

RP: What would you save first if your house / your apartment is burning?

Mantis: Bu (my snake), Jimmy (my spider) and family photos.....

RP: Who were the heroes of your childhood?

Mantis: Mc Gyver, Michael Knight and the A-TEAM!!

RP: What would you do if someone donates you 10 million EUR, but you have only 1 week to spend all the money?

Mantis: 9 million for the cancer research and 1 million to take Jessica Alba on holyday with the band!

RP: Do you have any special "New Year's resolutions" or wishes for 2009?

Mantis: Arrive in flash and blood to 2010!

RP: You have the final say…if you want to address some greetings to our readers:

Mantis: Thank you Rock Pleasure for the nice questions, thanks to your readers to become 'till the last answer and we promise to see
you soon in Germany.
Remember: "De visu melius
quam de auditu gaudere." Live your time, in your style.....

Thank you again for answering our questions..
We wish you all the best for the year 2009, may all your plans will be successful…and we hope to see you soon in Germany!

best regards,
the Rock Pleasure-Team
Sabbi, Maree & Lappi

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