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December 08

23. prosince 2008 v 15:57 | Sagasis

1. What's important news in yours lives recently?
Sieg: signed with harris ghouse and magix promotion
Ash: I got a new car!!!

Kira: know to have many fans in Japan, I never imagined

2. What are u doing in your free time?
Sieg: playing guitar, songwriting, videogames
Ash: ...watching movies, internet, reading... and obviously... playing drums!!!

Kira: Listen n play music

3. Where do you like listen to music? And which kind?
Sieg: in car, in bed, at pc. j-rock, hard'n'glam, power metal, electronic, house
Ash: ...I think that my car is the best place to listen my kind of music... I love 80's american hard rock, hard 'n heavy metal, glam and american hair metal... yyeeeaaahhh!!!

Kira: Visual Kei and Jrock are my favourite...and live is better!

4. Which one from yours songs do you like the most?
Sieg: Energy, Breakout and live, and another still unreleased
Ash: ...mmm ...maybe "Follow Me" ;-)

Kira: Follow me

5. What about you and fun? I mean at night...girls, drinks,
Sieg: like girls ,like alcohol, being with friends, make gigs, dancing house and metal
Ash:...well ...I love to go to concerts of my favourite bands more than everything... then love to go to the cinema, party with friends and stuff like these... yeeah I love girls and drinks... eheheh!!! ...but I absolutely hate dance... I'm really not able to dance... I dance only when I'm drunk!!! ahahah!!! ;-)

Kira: No no...I'm a good-boy,...maybe...

6. So, when we did mention women...
- blond or brunette

Sieg: blonde

Ash: blooondes!!! (...have more fun!!!) ;-) but I love you all, brunettes over there!!!

Kira: I love I love both types, the important thing is
that the hair is long

- a model or an ordinary

Sieg: model is better but not necessary

Ash: ordinary

Kira: both types

- extremely slim or with few imperfections

Sieg: slim is better but not necessary

Ash: both

Kira: no one is perfect!

7. Favourite:
- actress/ actor

Sieg: Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler

Ash: oooh, too many!!! ...one of them ...mmm ...Kurt Russel

Kira: Brandon Lee,John Belushi

- crimifilm or soap opera

Sieg: LOST and CSI 4ever

Ash: action movies!!! ;-)

Kira: Will Smith

- food, drinks

Sieg: pasta, pizza, meat, Lambrusco, Mojito

Ash: chips and red bull

Kira: Pizza n Keipiroska

- bath or shower

Sieg: shower if alone, bath if...

Ash: would like bath... but always shower!!!

Kira: Bath

- soccer match on TV or sex

Sieg: I hate soccer :P

Ash: sex while watchin' soccer match on TV!!! ahah!!!

Kira: OMG!! It's Obviously

8. The most crazy thing you have ever done or would like to do?
Sieg: take part to a space journey

Ash: ...would like to do!!! ...a drum solo with my head!!! ahahah!!! ;-)

Kira: try to play in St Peter's Square while the pope preaches

9. And now...for something completely different...
What do you wear under yours trousers? hehehe
Sieg: shorts

Ash: ...I don't wear trousers ...I wear skirts!!! aaaaahahahah!!! ;-) ...seriously ...mmm ...pants!!!

Kira: black sleep by Giorgio Armani^^!

10. Can you unbutton bra by one hand?
Sieg: YESSSS since i was 14 LOL

Ash: ...of course, baby!!! ...I am the master of "unbottoning bras with one hand"!!! eheheh!!! ...years of experience!!! :)

Kira: Yes^^!

11. Do you prefer love or sex?
Sieg: Both is better...

Ash: ...love ...definitely...

Kira: Sex with love

12. What about you and Xmas?

Kira: This Xmas...I will give you my heart!
- Have you already bought Xmas presents?
Sieg: NO im always late

Ash: no!!! damn!!!

Kira: Since yes!

- Which one would you like to get?
Sieg: dont know yet

Ash: a magazine for my gun!!!

Kira: Ferrari!!

- Do you bake sweets???? lol
Sieg: OMG NO i'm a complete disaster in the kitchen

Ash: lol no... I don't... but I eat sweets!!! ;-)

Kira: I love the choccolate!

13. Which places and countries are you going to visit on yours tours? Still don't know but..
Sieg: I'd love to travel to USA again and visit the east coast
and Canada too OMG and russia too and Japan!!

Ash: ...outside Italy dunno yet ...stay tuned for news!!! ;-) ...coming soon

Kira: Hope CZECH n all the Europe, for finish in Japan!

- Are you going to visit abroad?
Sieg: I hope so!! Harris will organize maybe!!

Ash: Yes, of course!!!

14. For what have noone ever asked you and you want to answer
it or tell.
Sieg: dont understand this one!

Ash: ...I made a copy of my lost keys!!! ;-)

15. Do you have any question about me, do you have some
message for fans?
Sieg: You are great and so lovely.. ;-)
fans keep up the great support, you are the air we breathe.

Ash: I just wanna say "thank you" for this interview... you been kind, sweety... aaaand... The only message I can have for fans is that I really love you all... and I hope to visit soon your countries and play only for you... you are the rock that makes me roll!!!

Kira: For the fans we really love you!!
For you... Can I invite to dinner?

Sagasis: Dinner? ah... of course ;-) you are a gentleman...

Kira: I love my 2 princess Sagasis and Ylla

Sieg: LUV YA



(The interview was worked out ones December morning in Mc Donalds with coffee and doughnats when we bag school....but don't tell anyone, it'll be our little secret...)

Yours Sagasis and Ylla


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